Torloisk Papers

This page contains :-

a - Copy List of Tenants on the Estate of Torloisk to be warned to remove at Whitsunday 1848 and

b - Rentals for Torloisk 1755

a - Copy List of Tenants on the Estate of Torloisk to be warned to remove at Whitsunday 1848

Text between square brackets has been added by Jo Currie author of 'Mull Family Names for ancestor hunters' and 'Mull - The Island and Its People'.

1.KilbrenanAllan McLean, John McColl, Hugh McLean.
2.BaligownWidow Neil McCallum [ this was, I think, Mary McKeachnie in this case. There were quite a few Neil McCallums ] John Menzies, Widow Margaret McLean, Duncan McCulloch, Hugh McDougall, Donald McArthur, Archibald McDougall, Donald McFarlane, Archibald McLean, John McArthur, Alexander McLean, Widow Alexander Gillies [ this was Christian Beaton, and she was still there in 1851 ] and Neil McColl.
3.FanmoreArchibald McLean, John Beaton, John Lamont, Lachlan McLean, Donald McLean, Hugh McLean, Duncan McLean.
4.KilninianJohn McDonald, John Fletcher.
5.TostaryArchibald Morrison, Donald McDougall, John McDonald.
6.BurgDonald McLucas [possibly he changed is name to McDougall later]
7.ReudleAlexander McLean, Charles McLean.

Note from Jo Currie

Added to the end of the list is a PS on Fanmore where the author of the list, Mr Borrie, adds that John McKinnon and Archibald McDonald there were also warned off. It should be stressed that this would be the first list drawn up after the warnings, but it would take some considerable time to draw up the sequestration orders and final evictions, and in the meantime many of the people warned would have paid. That's why the 1851 census sees many of them still around, living dangerously !

Jo Currie, Edinburgh September 2002

b - Rentals Of Torloisk 1755

Kilmory possessed by Lauchlan McLean pays silver rent£10/7/6, Tiends £1/-/-, Cess 12/6p
Kingaror possessed by Hector Rankin pays silver rent£6/13/4, Tiends 13/4p, Cess 7/6p, augmentation purposed 3/4p
The Miln of Drimgigha possessed by Malcolm McDonald£3/10/-
Crossaboll, Langamull & Kildavie possessed by the Rev. Mr Alexander McLean pays silver rent£22/4/5
Einsay possessed by sundries as follows:
    Neil McKinnon weaver pays£2/10/-
    John McKinnon his son pays£2/10/-
    Finlay McMillan£2/10/-
    Donald McShirey [ McKinnon ]£2/10/-
    Angus McNeil weaver£2/10/-
    Allan McLean wheelwright£1/3/-
    Peter McIntaylor£1/5/-
Reudle possessed by sundries
    Donald McLean£4/12/-
    Archibald McLean£2/6/-
    Peter McNeill£2/6/-
Drumgigha possessed by John Livingston£8/6/8
Burg possessed by sundries
    Angus McDonald£2/10/-
    Neil McArthur£2/10/-
    Duncan Mcfarlane for 3 clitags£1/17/6
    John Mcfarlane for 3 clitags£1/17/6
    Hugh McLean£1/17/6
    Hugh McDonald£1/17/6
    Alexander Ban McLean }£1/5/-
    John McDonald weaver }£1/5/-
Tostary possessed by sundries
    John Morison£2/10/-
    Donald McNeill£2/10/-
    Donald McCannell£1/5/-
    John McCannell£1/5/-
    Neil Ranken, officer }£1/5/-
    Malcolm McNeill }£1/5/-
Kilninian possessed by Archibald McLean with teinds & cess£12/1/8
Torloisk possessed by Archibald McLean£25/5/8
Miln of Torloisk by Duncan McCallum£5/15/4
Fanmore possessed by sundries
    Hector McLean£2/10/-
    James Aitken & his son-in-law£2/10/-
    Archibald McNeill£2/10/-
    Duncan Mcfarlane weaver£2/10/-
    John McLean for 3 clitags£1/17/6
    Hector Roy McLean£1/17/6
    John Ban McDonald£1/5/-
Kilmichael & Ballygown possessed by Hector McLean£15/5/-
Kilbrenan possessed by sundries
    Hector Rankin£5/-/-
    Hugh Rankin£2/10/-
    John Rankin£2/10/-
Laggan Ulva possessed by sundries
    Archibald McKinnon£3/-/-
    Alexander Stewart & Son£3/-/-
    Duncan Lamont£1/10/-
    Alexander Ban McLean£1/10/-
    John McLean£1/10/-
    John McQuary£1/10/-
    John Cameron£1/10/-
    John McInnes£1/10/-
    John McLean alias Mr Allan Oig£1/10/-
    Allan McQuary of Culinish£1/10/-
Gruline possessed by sundries
    Archibald McLean Brother to Torloisk£10/-/-
    John McLean£10/-/-

Here follow Bishop's teinds for Kilninian parish, but these are all for estate owners.

Note by Jo Currie:

At this early date most of the tenants were related to the lairds and renting land, not necessarily living on this land, which they rented for agricultural purposes, but probably living in the area. The 'sundries' or joint tenants were beginning to increase, and were often related to each other - sometimes sons-in-law or fathers-in-law. By the 19th century there were far more joint tenants because population had increased and rents had been raised steeply. A clitag is the minimum size of a piece of rented land - enough for one cow.