Suie Burial Ground
Location : 372.219
Situated on the Bunessan to Fionnphort road (A849) on the hill just out of the town.
View from burial ground with Loch Na Lathaich in foreground and Ardmeanach cliffs in background from corner furthest from road.
View from corner near road.
View taken from 'far' end of burial ground beside gates that can be seen in the distance in first photograph.
View of lower part of burial ground as yet mostly unused.
Click on image for a larger view.

In/loving memory/of/Alasdair I Campbell/Died 12th Feb 1983/Dear husband of/Anne/Born 12th Oct 1908/Died 30th Mar 1995

Treasured memories/of/Hugh A Cameron/1920 – 2002/A dear father & grampa/Devoted husband of/Annabella E  MacLennan

In/loving memory of/Alexander Murray/McGregor/who died 29th May 1993/Aged 66 years/Beloved husband of/Beth Smith

In memory of/John McCallum/B.A., D.P.A/Taigh Na Feile/Newcoft Kintra/who died 2nd Dec  1987/Aged 62 years/Dearly loved husband/and friend of Hazel/Soldier Civil Servant/Elder & Reader in the/Church of Scotland/His beloved wife/Hazel Stacey B.A. R.G.N./who died 14th Oct 1990/Aged 66 years. At foot – “Is mise alpha agus omega”/Rev 1:8

In loving memory of/Donald M C Black/who died 29th Oct 1979/Aged 82 years/Dear husband of Grace/who died 9th Jan 2000/Aged 89 years. At foot  - Gus Am Bris An Latha

In/loving memory of/Mary Margaret McNicol/MacKechnie/Born/Duart Farm, Torosay/4.7.1898/Died Bunessan/11.12.1998. At foot  - “Gus Am Bris An Latha”

In/memory of/a dear brother/Angus Kane/28.5.1931 – 19.10.1996 At foot – Essa

In/loving memory of/our dear parents/Peter Kane/who died 30th Dec 1998/Aged 90 years/Effie MacKechnie/who died 13th May 1998/Aged 90 years

Precious memories/of/Margaret MacDonald/Clark/who died at Taoslin/9th March 1997, aged 35/beloved daughter of/Bob and Rena/Dear mum of/Natalie and Carrie-Anne.  At foot  - “Till we meet again”

In/loving memory of/Malcolm MacDougall/who died 19th Sept. 1997/Aged 65 years/Dearly loved/Father and grampy/beloved husband of/Freena MacDonald/and/their grandson/Daniel Gregory/Poulton/who died 15th Feb. 1992/aged 3 days

In/loving memory/of/Archie MacCallum/of Ardfenaig/who died 24th Oct 1997/aged 94 years/beloved husband of/Lexie MacInnes

Fiona/In/loving memory of/Fiona/who died 8th Nov. 1993/aged 33 years/much loved daughter/of/Neil and Isa/MacKinnon. At foot – Loved and missed by family and friends

In loving memory/of/Neil MacKinnon/who died 29th January 2007/aged 82 years/A dear dad and grampa/devoted husband of/Isa MacDonald

Chi Mi Mhuile/In/loving memory of/Archie MacFayden/who died 5th Jun 1994/aged 62 years/Dear father of/Duncan and Colin/beloved husband of/Sheila M MacQuistan

In/loving memory of/Antonia Maxwell/McLean/of Carsaig/1919 – 1995/Valiant for truth/Ruari McLean/typographer author/1917 – 2006

In/loving memory of/our parents/Neil Foggie/17 – 3 – 1912 – 13 – 12 – 1995/and/his dear wife/Margaret McLeod Hendry/29 – 3 – 1912 – 22 – 5 – 1996

In loving memory/of/Alan Yearnshaw/Greenhalgh/who died 18th April 1998/aged 82 years/beloved husband of/Alice Nora

In loving memory/of/Matthew Johnston/died 21st Aug 1991 aged 66/Dear father of Lachie/beloved husband of/Sadie/died 12th Oct 2000, aged 69/A dear mother. At foot – and Rami

In/loving memory of/Gordon A W Marshall/O.B.E./1925 – 1992/dearly loved by his family/and a devoted husband

In loving memory/of/Donald Ritchie/died 10th May 1993/aged 77 years/beloved husband of/Colina Campbell/died 12th July 1998/aged 80 years

Precious/memories of/Donald Ritchie/(Don)/who died 23rd January 1999/aged 54 years. At foot – Memory is the gift of god/which death does not destroy

In/loving memory of/Nan Campbell/who died 14th Aug 1987/Erected by/Hugh MacCallum

Williamina Gibson/(Gibby)/1913 – 1989. At foot – Happy Memories

In/loving/memory of/William Wood/who died 1st Jan 1990/aged 66 years/A dear father/and grandfather/beloved husband of/Euphemia MacKechnie

In loving memory/of/my dear brother/Tard Charles Graham/McIntyre/who died suddenly/on 24th June 1990/aged 34 years. At foot - Sadly missed by all

In/loving/memory of/Joan MacFadyen/MacKinnon/who died 8th Oct 1993/aged 63 years/beloved wife of/James Black

In/loving/memory of/Jessie M MacKillop/who died 15th Feb 1991/aged 71 years/devoted mother of/Allan, Jean and Iain./A dear grandmother/and beloved wife of/Neil Taylor/who died 22nd March 1996/aged 76 years.

Chi Mi Mhuile/Precious Memories of/Nicol M Campbell/”Achadaphail”/who departed this life/on 30th July 1990/aged 66 years/Dearest dad of/Christine, Mina, and Mavis/Much loved granddad,/& great-grandad/and caring and loving/husband of/Christina M MacLennan/born 1920 – died 12th Feb. 2001/our loving mum, granny/and great-granny/”Sadly missed”

Loving memory/Malcolm MacDiarmid/who died 30th Nov 1989/aged 73 years/Dear dad of/Anne and Donald/and beloved husband of/Margaret MacLean. On Plinth – MacDonald

Donaldson/In/loving memory of/Lexy Ann Campbell/who died 27th July 1989/aged 50 years/Dear mother of/Morven and Iain, Nan of Paul,/and beloved wife of/John M Donaldson. At foot – Gus an coinnich sinn a rìs

In/loving/memory of/Thomas D L Brunton/who died 30th Sept. 1995/aged 67 years/A dear father/and grandfather/beloved husband of/Mary E MacInnes

In/loving/memory of/Callum/Malcolm Iain/Brunton/who died/on 3rd December 1988/aged 8½ weeks

In/loving memory of/”Zena”/Rosina Bertha Rosier/wife of William/mother of Bill/6th March 1918/4th April 1988

In loving memory of/Mary Morrison/died 16th Jan 1985/aged 72/beloved wife of/John MacCallum/died 16th July 1990/aged 73

In/loving memory of/our dear sister/Mary Rose MacCallum/who died 17th July 1985/twin sister of/Mary Bell MacCallum/who died 19th April 2002

In/loving memory of/our dear brother/Robin MacKinnon/who died 30th Dec 1985/aged 49 years. On grey vertical strip – Thy will be done

In/loving/memory of/Flora Mary Cameron/who died 9th Nov. 2002/aged 76/beloved wife of/Alistair MacCallum

In/loving memory of/Harry Baker/who died 5th Nov 1985/Dear father of Liz/& beloved husband of Margaret MacKinnon

In loving memory/of/a dear dad  and granddad/Angie MacFadyen/who died 20th Dec 1985/aged 62 years

In/loving memory of/Ian MacFadyen/a dear/brother and uncle/died 12th January 1987/aged 66 years

In/loving memory of/Alistair Cameron/died 16th February 1986/aged 49

Vanderburg/In loving memory of/our precious son/brother step-son/and step-brother/Gregory/ tragically/taken from us/on 14th June 1986/aged 17 years. At foot – Safe in the arms of Jesus/till we meet again

In memory of/Robin/Drummond-Hay/8th May 1912 – 28th July 1987/Beloved as a son,/a friend and a/musician

In/loving/memory of/John McCallum/Dear husband & father/died 17th Aug 1986/aged 78/Aliena Robertson/devoted wife & mother/died 20th March 1990/aged 77

Alexander McGregor/who died 7th June 1986/aged 71 years/and his wife/Sarah Stalker King/who died 24th August 2003/aged 84 years

In/loving memory of/Pauline/who died 16th Feb 1986/beloved wife of/Hugh Lamont

In/loving memory of/our dear mother/Katie Beaton/died 21st Aug 1986/aged 92. At foot – Gus am bris an latha

In memory of/Malcolm Beaton/(Calum)/born Ardchiavaig 1921/Died Bunessan 2004/Loved by all. At foot – Ann Am Muile Gu Brath

In/loving memory of/Roddie Beaton/who died 21st March 1990/aged 72 years/beloved husband of/Mary Campbell/who died 8th Dec 1990/aged 70 years

In/loving memory of/Charles W Jennings/died 28th May 1982/Aged 79 years/A dear father/& deloved husband of/Esther Wilson/Died 16th Oct. 1989/Aged 89 years/Much loved by all their children

In memory of/ a dearly beloved/husband, father, & granpa/Angus Donald/Campbell/who died 27th April 1981/aged 66 years/also/a devoted & much loved/wife, mother & Nana/Marion Livingstone/Morrison/who died 19th June 2007/aged 88 years. At foot – “Gus am bris An Latha”

Dr Hugh M McLaren/1911 – 1978/Man of courage & humility/Agus Le Durachd Cridhe/Lovingly remembered by his wife/Betty

In/loving memory of/Patricia J S Drysdale/who died 24th January 1973/beloved wife of/Hugh McLean McLaren/who died 24th November 1978

In/loving memory of/Jessie MacDonald/who died 28th Sept 1983/Dear mother of June/and beloved wife of/James Dumbreck/who died 6th Oct 2003/”Gus An Coinnich Sinn”/Sadly missed by/those who loved them. At foot – “Còmhla a-rìs”

In memory of/Mary Lamont/MacPherson/beloved wife of/David Golden/died 16th December 1967/aged 82 years/also the above/David Golden/died 23rd August 1983/aged 88 years. At foot  - Gus Am Bris An Latha

In memory of/a dear husband/father and papa/Donald Morrison/died 29th May 1978/aged 70 years. At foot – Dearly loved and sadly missed

In loving memory/of/a dear/husband and father/Iain/MacDonald/who died/16th October 1981/aged 59 years/and his beloved wife/Marion Kennedy/who died/31st March 2005/aged 84 years/loving mother of/Moira and John/and grandmother to/Lynne

In/loving/memory of/Janet (Jenny) Campbell/Watson/of/Smithy House Pennyghael/beloved wife of George/Sister Aunt Friend/30th April 1917 – 13th October 2000

In loving memory of/Annie L Campbell/died 15th July 1983/aged 67 years

In/loving memory of/our dear parents/Malcolm MacDonald/died 13th April 1970,/aged 79 years/Catherine Rentoul/died 29th January 1973/aged 78 years/their younger son/Malcolm/died 31st March  1996/aged 64 years

In/loving memory of/ dear son & brother/Archibald Fleming/MacInnes/who died 5th June 1981/aged 51 years/also a dear wife & mother/Maimie Fleming/who died 20th Jan 1984, aged 79/and a dear father/John MacInnes/who died 6th Sep 1988, aged 90.

In/loving memory of/Dugald Livingstone/died 6th Jan 1982/his sister Jessie/died 5th July 1981/and brother Murdoch/died 21st Jan 1994. At foot – Livingstone

In/loving memory of/a dear husband/and father/Donald MacLean/who died 22nd April 1981/aged 78 years/also a dear wife/and mother/Mary MacCallum/who died 12th July 1995. On base – Papa

In/loving  memory of/Duncan Graham/who died 21st July 1982/aged 71 years/beloved husband of/Rhoda MacKinnon/who died 22nd May 1999/aged 79 years

In loving memory/of/John Adam McCall McHarc/Troon and Tirachoil/who died 29th June 1975/aged 60 years/beloved husband of/Barbara Maxwell Maclean/who died 28th Jan 2000/aged 86 years/beloved sister of Chris/Gus Am Bris An Latha

In/loving memory/of/Betty C P Lyall/who died 19th March 1979/aged 50 years/beloved wife of/Neil C Campbell/and a dear mother and granny

In loving memory/of/our dear father/John Mitchell/died 24th May 1966/aged 75 years/also our dear mother/Christina MacKechnie/Campbell/died 28th Jul 1968/aged 56 years

In loving memory/of/Ian Campbell/who died 11th Dec. 1978/aged 4 days/and his brother/George Alexander/lost at sea/28th Oct. 1999 aged 25/beloved sons of Ronnie and Sheila

In/loving/memory of/Alfred Ogilvie/who died/as the result of a tragic road accident/on 6th September 1981/aged 40 years/A dear father and beloved husband of/Kay McLean

In/loving memory of/a dear husband & father/Robert A MacCallum/died 4th September 1975/aged 66 years/also a dear wife & mother/Elizabeth A MacLachlan/died 18th January 2001/aged 92 years

In/loving memory of/a dear husband/and father/Dan MacInnes/died 2nd August 1969/aged 71 years/also/Agnes Redden Cowe/1898 – 1997/Very dearly lved/by all

In memory of/our dear sister/Isobel McDougal/Lamont/dies at Eorabus Cottage/Ardtun/2nd November 1964/aged 57 years/On plinth – Lamont

In/Loving/Memory of/Rebecca Livingstone/who died 6th Jan 1988/aged 73 years/beloved wife of/James Black

In loving memory/of/Eugene Seymour Andrews/who died 5th May 2006/aged 84 years

In/loving memory of/my dear mother-in-law/Bessie Beaton/died 23rd May 1978/aged 78 years. At foot – Till the day dawns

In/loving memory of/Archibald Beaton/died 8th March 1971/aged 55 years/beloved husband of/Grace Cameron. At foot – Till we meet again

In/loving memory/of/Barry Roderick/Reynolds/who died in a tragic/accident at Tiroran/on 14th June 1977/age 26

In front of headstone – open book tablet

In memory of/Barry/beloved son of/Roderick and Celia/and brother of David

In/loving memory of/our dear daughter/Catherine/Margaret MacKichan B.A./Dail-An-Oir, Bunessan/died 4th May 1973, aged 22 yrs./Anne Mary/died 13th Feb. 1955, aged 3 days

In loving memory/of/Helen M Davidson/who died 19th Nov. 1977/aged 71 years/and her husband/Alexander Campbell/who died 11th Dec 1978/aged 73 years

In/loving memory of/a dear husband and father/Hugh Lamont/who died 15th August 1975/also/a dear wife and mother/Mary MacKinnon/who died 23rd November 1999. At foot – “Bheir Mo Shoraidh Do Mhuile/Far An Do Chleachd Mi Bhith Og.”

In/loving memory/of/Donald Iain MacDonald/died 7th March 1977/aged 35 years

In loving memory/of/Donald MacDonald/died 3rd April 1966/aged 69 years/and his wife/Catherine Ada Cameron/died 24th January 1976/aged 69 years

In/loving memory of/Hubert Arnold Pallant/ D.S.O.,  M.C., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P./died 5th Sept 1977, aged 94

In loving memory of/Irene Mary Phillips/nee Pallant/widow of/Lt. Col. N C Phillips DSO, MC/died at Tiroran/25th July 1982 Aged 96

Lillias Gray/Fionnphort/died 24th December 1977

Here lies/Norman Totten/of/Newcastle upon Tyne/who died at Iona/on Aug 6th 1980/aged 67 years/also his dear wife/Jean Doreen Barwick/died on March 16th 1997/aged 79 years

Erected by/Christina Morrison/in loving memory of/my beloved husband/Angus MacDonald/who died 24th Dec  1973/aged 59 years/also the above/Christina Morrison/who died 14th Jan 1997/aged 81 years.  On base “Gus Am Bris An La”

In/loving memory of/John Alexander Houston/MacLelland/Pier House, Fionnphort/who died 24th December 1973/aged 72 years/beloved husband of Jean Simpson/who died 16h December 1998/aged 87 years. At foot – “Until the day breaks”

In/loving memory of/a dear husband & father/Robert W McLelland/”Tormore” Fionnphort/died 25th November 1975, aged 75/his wife/Annie Young/died 17th Oct 1986, aged 78

In/loving memory of/William Rose MacDougall/Uisgean/died 13th September 1970/beloved husband of/Peteressa Currie

In loving memory of/Peteressa MacDougall/aged 91 years/died 7th September 2003. Bottom right hand corner – D & A Munn

On left hand side – In loving/Clara/Maud/Horrod/died 23rd May 1975/aged 83/years

On right hand side – memory of/Geoffrey/Gordon/Horrod/died 15th May/1979/aged 60/years

In memory of/a dearly loved husband/and father/Donald Crawford/died 25th May 1979/Catherine MacKechnie/died 16th May 1999/a dear wife, mother/and grandmother

In memory of/Cathy Hurst/died June 1981

In loving memory of/our dear daughter/Margaret Anne/Sutherland/who died 17th June 1979/age 22 years. At foot – Till we meet again

In/loving memory of/my dear husband/Malcolm Morrison/who died 29th June 1971/aged 54 years/his dear wife/Christina MacDonald/(Dot)/who died 6th Feb 1995/age 82 years

In/loving memory of/Annabella Agnes MacRae/beloved wife of/Evander MacLennan/and dear mother of/Christina and Bella/died 24th Oct. 1973/aged 81 years/also the above/Evander MacLennan/died 24th Aug 1986/aged 92 years/Gus An Bris An Latha/Scalpay Harris/Falkland Islands/Knockvologan

To/the dear memory/of/Arthur Withington/late of Doncaster/9th May 1905 – 24th Sep. 1978

In/loving memory of/a dear husband & father/Charles G W McIntyre/Gowan Brae, Bunessan/who died 28th July 1967/and of his beloved wife/Christina McIntyre/who died 10th May 1976/A dear mother to/Graham & John/Fondly Remembered

To the honoured memory of/my beloved husband/Robert W MacLelland/who died 3rd July 1965/aged 36 years/his wife/Morag/who died 14th Jan 1975/aged 45 years/The quiet waters by

In loving memory/of/Angus MacKechnie/who died 11th March 1968/aged 54 years/beloved husband of Margaret MacFadyen

In/loving memory of/my dear husband/Angus MacKechnie/who died 11th March 1968

Mackinnon/In/loving memory of/a dear mother & brother/Morag Graham/died 17th Feby 1970, aged 76/William/died 3rd March 1969, aged 43. At foot – Erected by the family

In loving memory of/Duncan MacKellar/June 1897 – Aug 1972/beloved husband of/Peggy MacLean/May 1910 – Feb 1999/beloved partner of/Iona

In/loving memory of/Margaret Cameron/Knockvologan/who died 12th November 1972/beloved wife of/John MacRae

In loving memory/of/a dear mother and gran/Jemina Hannah/who died 9th March 1999/aged 73 years. At foot of heart – Peace be with you.  On plinth – Hannah

Treasured memories/of/Donald Martin/who died 5th April 1968/aged 44 years/A devoted father/loving husband of/Mary Gibson

n/loving memory of/William MacLean/who died/9th Jul 1999/aged 67 years/loving Papa/Dear Father of/Malcolm and Fiona/beloved husband of/Sheena

To/the dear memory/of/Malcolm Lamont/who died/28th July 1964/aged 6 years/beloved son of/Sheena and William MacLean. On base – Jesus, friend of little children

In/loving memory of/Sheena MacLean/who died 3rd May 1991/much loved mother of/Fiona/and wife of William MacLean. On base – Rest Easy

In loving memory of/John MacDougall/who died 24th March 1966/aged 71 years/beloved husband of/Mary MacDonald/

In/loving/memory of/Elizabeth Logan/1934 – 2001/Beloved sister of/Allan Logan

In loving memory/of/Robert Shaw/who died 2nd February 1981/aged 55 years/beloved husband of/Jessie Campbell

In/loving memory/of/Andrew Cameron/who died 28th April 1973/aged 65 years/Beloved husband of/Margaret Meikle/and of their son/Andrew Leslie/Cameron/who died 26th Feb. 2006/Sadly missed

William Campbell/1905 – 1994/a loving husband/and father/Winifred Martin/1907 – 2003/A devoted wife/and mother. At foot – Saved By God’s Grace

In loving memory/of/Colin Campbell/who died 29th December 1981/aged 85 years/beloved husband of/Annie Fletcher/who died 2nd August 1987/aged 90 years

In/loving memory of/Archibald Campbell/died 27th May 1974/aged 75 years./Dear husband of/Margaret Buie/who died 30th Novr 1979/aged 84 years

In/loving/memory of/Donald MacDougall/who died 14th May 1994/aged 5 months/darling son of/Stewart and Sandra

In/loving memory of/Malcolm MacDougall/who died 12th April 1972/aged 72 years

In/loving memory of/A B MacRae (Bertie)/who died 16th Jan. 1999/aged 72 years/greatly missed/by all in Falklands/ and Fionnphort/Beloved husband of/Anne MacInnes

In/loving/memory of/Hugh Beaton/(Veek)/died 6th March 1999/aged 80 years/A dear/dad and grand dad/beloved husband of/Bella MacCormick.  At foot – Bi Sinn Cad Chuimhneachadh/Scad Ionndrainn

In/memory of/David Reid/1916 – 2000

In/loving rememberance/of/E John Mason/who died 11th May 2001/aged 60 years/also in/everlasting memory/of/H John Mason/who died 7th May 1978/aged 62 years/Always in our thoughts

n/loving memory of/Martin Beaton/who died 27th August 2003/aged 71/Dear dad and papa/beloved husband of/Sadie. At foot – I am with you always

In loving memory/of/our dear brother/Alexander MacKechnie/(Attie)/23rd Dec. 1924 – 1st Feb. 2005/also beloved wife/Mary Tolland/25th April 1917 – 2nd Feb 1995/Aig Fois

In loving memory of/Jack Bell/aged 71 years/died 21st July 2002. Bottom right hand corner – D & A Nunn

Peter John MacAllister/Died 14 March 2003/Aged 75 years

Dee/Marchioness of Tweeddale/born 14th December 1920/died 26th May 2004/wife of the 12th/Marquis of Tweeddale A.M./devoted mother of/Andrew and Hamish/W.A.A.F. 1939 – 1945/Remember the Happy Times

In/loving/memory of/John Campbell Burns/FRM/who died 13th July 2003/aged 84/beloved husband of/Isa burns/who died 26th Feb. 2008/aged 87/In peace together

In/loving/memory of/Alexander MacDonald/who died 19th Feb. 2004/aged 75/a dear father/and beloved husband of/June Storey. At foot – Always in our hearts

John Blomfield/1929 – 2004

Lyndsay Pauley/1982 – 2004/Safe in the arms of Jesus/with her sister Emma/buried, Esholt, Yorkshire,/1986, aged 32 hours

In fond remembrance/of/Duncan Cameron/who died 12th February 2008/aged 90 years/beloved husband of/Morag MacCallum. On base – Cameron

In/loving memory of/Calum Campbell/(Fidden)/who died 31st January 2006/aged 87 years/A much loved father/and grandfather/beloved husband of Ena Thom. On base – Campbell

Happy memories/of/Margaret MacIntyre/3rd July 1922 – 16th January 2007. At foot of oval – Remember the fun and laughter