These web pages are run in conjunction with the SCT-ISLEOFMULL mailing list which is held on the server.

The mailing list enables those researching Mull relatives to communicate with others who are also researching their relatives by sending others on the list messages, requests for information, etc. and hopefully receiving useful feed back

Subscribers to the list can receive information in two forms; one sends each message as posted, the other accumulates messages received in a 12 hour period, or when 20,000 characters require sending (whichever is the sooner) and sends a single email containing those messages.

If you wish to subscribe, please click on one of the two links provided below. Please remember to enter SUBSCRIBE in the body of the text (if this has not been pre filled) and remove any signature lines. Once you have subscribed, please post a message to the list giving details of your research. To receive :-

     each message as posted subscribe to :-

     a digest of messages every 12 hours subscribe to :-

Welcome and good luck.


To leave SCT-ISLEOFMULL-L, send mail to with the single word unsubscribe in the message subject and body. To leave SCT-ISLEOFMULL-D, do the same thing with Haste ye back

Subscribers List - see button at the top of this page

Having joined the mail list, how about adding your name and details to the Subscribers List. The list is designed to help you find others researching the same surname and for others to locate you. Who knows, you might even turn out to be distant relatives.
You might also like to know that a group of subscribers living around Toronto, Canada, have already met up several times. Perhaps though the list, you might meet others in your locality.

Searching the Archives

A searchable Archive is available for the list at the following address :-

Instruction for searching our Isle of Mull list.

On the first page enter 'sct-IsleofMull' in the 'Name of List' Box and then use submit button.
On the second page enter the name or topic that you are seeking and select one of the years shown.
The next page gives you all the hits for the entered name or topic for the selected year. You can read the messages by selecting 'Full' under the brief detail of the message.

SCT-ISLEOFMULL mailing list