Iona War Memorial
Location : 285.235

Situated at Martyr's Bay, Iona
Black Dugald  Corporal Seaforth Highlanders
23 years old
Black William  Private Seaforth Highlanders
21 years old Canada
Campbell Duncan A.  Seaman Merchant Navy S.S. Dartmoor
43 years old
Lee Hector MacLean  Lieutenant Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders
23 years old
MacDonald Hugh  Captain Merchant Navy S.S. Garmoyle
39 years old
MacDonald John  Lance Corporal Highland Light Infantry
24 years old
MacDonald Lachlan  Private Highland Light Infantry
18 years old
MacFarlane John  Carpenter Merchant Navy S.S. Vine Branch
35 years old
MacFarlane Neil  Seaman Royal Navy H.M.S. Victory
29 years old
MacKechnie Angus MacPhail  Signaler Highland Light Infantry
20 years old
Williams Alfred MacArthur  Private East Surrey Regiment
19 years old
Erected in Honour and Memory of those Sons and Grandsons
of Iona who laid down their lives for their God and Country in
the Great War 1914 - 1918
"An Ainm Bidh Buan Cu Suthain Sior"
Black Donald A.  Second Officer Merchant Navy S.S. Rio Blanco
33 years old
Black Neil J.  Able Seaman Merchant Navy Geraldine Mary
27 years old
Campbell Robert  Corporal Cameronians
24 years old
Dougall George  Leading Stoker Royal Navy H.M.S. Glorious
29 years old
MacArthur Dugald  C/Skipper Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. James Lidford
42 years old
MacColl Colin C.  Flying Officer Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
23 years old
MacDonald Colin  Bimbashi Frontier Battalion Sudan D.F.C. F.C.S.
29 years old
MacDonald Donald  Captain Merchant Navy S.S. Blair Esk
42 years old
MacDonald Donald C.  Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
29 years old
MacDonald Gregor  Private 19th Wellington R. Battalion N.Z.E.F.
28 years old
MacFarlane John N.  Able Seaman Royal Navy S.T. Flying Kite
30 years old
MacGregor John  Boatswain Merchant Navy S.S. Ben Lomond
50 years old
MacInnes John  Second Lieutanant 2nd Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
31 years old
MacLachlan Neil A.  Chief Officer Merchant Navy S.S. Empire City
31 years old
McAllister Anthony C.  Engineer Merchant Navy S.S. Loch Maddy
48 years old
Patterson John W.  Flying Officer Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve D.F.C.
24 years old

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